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Maa Nistarini Projects


Maa Nistarini Projects has been established by Mr. Amit Middya in the year 2014. The Manufacturer & Supplier specializes in designing and development of Lighting Pole, Octagonal Pole, Conical Pole, Swadge Pole, High Mast, Stadium Mast, Signage Mast, etc. The plant from where we conduct our manufacturing and sales operations is situated in Kolkata in the state of West Bengal. We make these products for the companies dedicated to construction or maintenance of roads, highways, parking areas, stadiums, etc. Our Products are High Mast, Stadium Mast, Stadium High Mast, Signage Mast, Signage High Mast, Mid High Mast, Lighting Pole, Octagonal Pole, Conical Pole, Swadge Pole, and Street Lighting Pole.


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3 Mohendra Gossain lane, Kolkata
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